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Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy

My training philosophy is based on the scientific knowledge that I learn every day as a sport scientist and researcher at the University of Milan. This scientific approach, with the experience of many years as endurance athlete and coach, gives me the ability to understand what happens in each athlete’s body and adapt the training following the desired physiological adaptations.

My methods are based on a "goal" planning, where training and racing are continued almost all year long with small breaks between seasons.

I believe that is crucial for athletes to start a training program founded on consistency and long-standing approach to have a gradual increase in performances and reach their full potential.

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Depending on each athlete’s individual goals, I will break the year down into at least two macrocycles, culminating with the major goal competition.


Each macrocycle will begin with a re-entry period, following 10-14 days of rest after the end of each season (macrocycle). The macrocycle follows an internal division in micro- and mesocycles to provide the adequate stimuli in order to gradually develop the fitness level of the athlete. Indeed, one of the most underrated abilities of a coach, but one of the most important, is to lead the athlete to a peak form close to the targeted “goal” competition.

It is my responsibility as coach to maximize the potential of each athlete by providing the appropriate mix of training methods and sequencing of workouts in order to reach the next level. There is no "magic" workout, but by creating and monitoring the appropriate "sequence" of responses and adaptations, athletes can reach their potential.


The key of the success is to increase the training stimulus in each macrocycle without long stops for injuries.

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