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What I do

What I do 

Working with me you will have more than just an average endurance training coach; in fact, my training programs are something entirely different from what can be found online.


With over 10 years of experience in training endurance athletes across different levels, I not only help my clients reach their goals, but I help them raise their performance to a whole new level

Throughout my time in business, I have successfully coached more than 150 athletes from different countries, and today, I am focused on helping a new generation of athletes reach their goals, strive for excellence, and win the battle against their limits.

With weekly training plans uniquely tailored to the individual goals and abilities of each athlete, my TrainingPeaks program is highly personalized to ensure that each athlete makes the most out of this experience.

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Why Luca Filipas?

For every performance level 

Flexible schedule 

Individual approach

Latest scientific research 

Daily communication

PhD in Sport Science

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