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It's important to work with every athlete individually, so that I can get the most out of them!


Furthermore, it's crucial to see where I can improve your performance and which are some weaknesses where we have to work on.

Once you are working with me, you won't get just a template workout for your goals, but you receive a workout with lot of interaction and exclusive contacts with me.


With me by your side you will make a huge step forward to your goals. We will be in constant touch via WhatsApp or phone calls, so that I can analyse and adapt your training accordingly to your progress or in case you have any issues.


The work with me will help to keep you responsible and accountable during the whole time. You will be surprised by my fast time of reply to all of your questions about training methods and planning.


For me it's important to be a good coach for you, therefore I support you with the latest scientific research to reach your maximum potential.


I base all my plans on the scientific knowledge which I have gained through my degrees and PhD at the University of Milan.


Today sport success is a mix of scientific knowledge and contact with the athlete. And you will get both of that with my coaching.

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